Happy Halloween – Cold weather forecast to be on the way

THLCO – Wishes – A Happy Halloween to all of our customers in County Durham. It is this time of year when much of our time is spent cleaning customer gutters. This is due to the buildup of dirt/grime/algae that has built up in customers gutters over the last twelve months.

The problem is that rain water in many instances cannot flow into the down pipe. What happens is it fills up the gutter with rain water adding a lot of weight to the gutter potentially damaging the gutter causing the gutter to sag, the water flows over the side of the gutter and starts to cause damp to the soffit and external wall.

Over time this damp will penetrate the roof space which is rarely heated and causes permanent damage. What was a just a gutter clean now involves bringing in a range of different tradesmen to fix what was a very simple problem.

Give us a call today and we will give you a highly competitive quote to clean your gutter using our Sky Vac system. BTW its a no obligation quote and we only charge your after you are happy with the work completed.