Gutter Clean Bishop Auckland

Gutter Clean Bishop Auckland


Professional Gutter Clean in Bishop Aukland Durham and surrounding areas

THLCO are a local run business that believes in getting the job done first time, every time for our customers in Bishop Auckland. Contact us today to arrange your gutter clean quote; we will not be beaten on price.

THLCO pay great attention to detail and we always aim to go the extra mile to please our customers.

THLCO offer a professional high quality service with a highly driven workforce that sets us apart from our competitors. The price quoted during our site visit to your property, is the price you pay after the work has been completed and you are completely happy.

Why put yourself at risk climbing ladders to see if you have blocked guttering?

THLCO gutter cleaning service carries out a free site inspection prior to any work commencing, we have a 360-degree camera, which provides live footage without the need of ladders.

We will remove moss, dry/wet leaves, soil and any other built up debris that may have accumulated and that is stopping your gutters operating efficiently.

Our fully qualified and insured technician always carries out the cleaning treatment.

Our personnel carry on board, industry leading equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising any health and safety regulations.

Gutters will not operate efficiently if they have accumulated soil/leaves and other debris restricting the flow of water into the down pipes. Rainwater will spill over the sides of the gutter, onto the fascia and soffit on the exterior of wall of your property causing damp and rot issues.

This will lead to expensive repair work to the plasterwork to restore the appearance of your property.

Blocked gutters will also require replacement eventually, as it will become damaged due to the weight of debris in the gutter. Sagging of the gutter will occur due to the weight build up.

Another important factor is - during winter months; stagnant water in the gutter will freeze. This added weight would weigh down the gutter, causing damage to the gutter and the roof. In many cases the weight of the ice can cause the gutters to separate from their fixings and create further damage.

Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis will help avoid these issues.

To extend the life of the gutters and reduce damage, it is essential that the cleaning of the gutters be ideally scheduled at least once yearly or in some instances depending upon the property location cleaned twice.

Gutter cleaning, can be very challenging physically and requires the investment of high quality equipment that ideally can be operated from the safety of the ground.

If you live in Bishop Auckland or surrounding areas please contact THLCO Cleaning today for a free site inspection and quote.

Property owners have a duty of care that their building is maintained internally and externally to comply with health and safety regulations and your building insurance provider. Once a gutter becomes clogged, there can be unwanted incidents and high costs involved, having your gutters cleaned ensures you are covered by your building insurance as you are maintaining your property.

THLCO are happy to hear from both residential/commercial customers that would benefit from our services. We currently cover Bishop Auckland and surrounding areas.

For questions or more information or to book a visit by one of our expert technicians.

Please call 07521449768 to arrange a free site visit