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Gutter Cleaning Darlington

Professional gutter clearance and cleaning & fascia, soffits and cladding cleaning


THLCO provide specialist gutter cleaning services in Darlington and surrounding areas for both residential and commercial properties. THLCO Gutter Cleaning can clean and clear any type of guttering, unblock downpipes and provide a full wash and clean service for soffits, fascia boards and conservatory roofs.

At THLCO Gutter Clearance Cleaning Darlington we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job, which includes clearing our customers gutters using the latest technology in industrial gutter cleaning. The method we use ensures your gutters are cleared using the safest possible method, leaving your gutter system in full working order and stopping water penetrating your property.

All THLCO Darlington staff are Health & Safety trained and insured

Gutter Clearance & Cleaning Darlington

Fascia/ Soffit/ Downpipe Wash Service

As well as providing gutter clearance cleaning services in Darlington and surrounding areas, we also offer a full wash/clean service, which includes the external guttering parts including soffits, fascia boards and down pipes. We offer this service throughout the year ensuring that your property looks great throughout the year.


Please CALL - THLCO Gutter Clearance Cleaning today to arrange a free site visit so that we can provide you with a free quote. The price you are quoted is the final cost; there are no hidden CHARGES. You only pay when the job is completed and you are happy with the service carried out by our skilled friendly staff.

How THCLO clear your gutters

THLCO clean your gutters using local industrial cleaning companies to purchase our brand new equipment. These local companies provide THLCO with industrial grade equipment, which is highly reliable and extremely efficient to carry out work at your property.

THLCO clean your soffits and fascia boards using a reach and wash system as it ensures all the moss, debris and leaves are fully cleared, leaving you a fully functioning gutter system without the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers or ladders.
How often should your gutters be cleaned?

THLCO Gutter Clearance Cleaning recommend annually cleared gutters to avoid blockages and a build up of moss, leaves and general debris, which can cause water to overflow onto the walls of your property. Water damage can be extremely expensive to fix in comparison to our yearly gutter cleaning service. What must be noted is it does come down to the location of the property, where trees in many instances surround the property then you may find that two visits per year may be required. THLCO are available throughout the year to help you whenever the need arise.

Our gutter cleaning service is also available in Durham.

Please call THLCO Darlington today to arrange your free gutter clearance quote.