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Over time driveway/patio/concrete can start to look worse for wear. This is due to the buildup of dirt and algae. This leads to the surface becoming extremely slippy, more so in the winter months. There may even be a lot of vegetation growing in between the blocks, reducing the appearance of your driveway/patio or concrete surfaces.




THLCO Ferryhill Wynyard Cleaning, use the latest pressure washing equipment enabling us the capability to restore your driveway/patio back to its former glory. Pressure washing your driveway/patio is a great investment and will transform the exterior of your property.

After your driveway has been thoroughly cleaned we will return when the weather has been dry to refill the gaps with kiln dried sand to add stability to your driveway. The kiln sand provides the essential stability that generates the horizontal/vertical interlock that allows the bricks to carry such heavy loads such as vehicles parked on your drive.

Garden Patio/Concrete Cleaning

THLCO Cleaning Services pressure washing is a great cost effective way to inexpensively restore the beauty and life of your patio flags, Indian stone etc. Over the years and harsh winters, the build up of weeds, moss, lichen, and algae can make your patio areas look old and tired, as well as dangerously slippery. THLCO recommend cleaning your property exterior surfaces with industrial grade equipment as part of your exterior maintenance plan.

THLCO high-powered pressure wash cleaning equipment can bring all your patio/concrete areas back to life with a minimum of disruption. The cleaning equipment simply cuts through dirt and grime, leaving you with a driveway/patio/concrete that is spotless.

At THLCO we clean all patio floor types, from concrete slabs, Indian stone, garden decking and any other hard floor type. Your outside area is one of the largest investments at your property; we can get it looking as fresh as the day it was laid. Over time decking dulls in colour and will become slippery due to algae/ bacteria growth.

THLCO Cleaning can revive decking using our specialist pressure washing system. Whether it’s a straightforward clean you need or a complete refurbishment, we can help. Decking always looks great at first, but due to the damp climate here in the North East England, can quickly make the decking look tired and in need of a professional clean.

Algae and moss will make the surface of the wood very slippery in damp conditions. As many gardens have decked areas, were often asked to help with ongoing maintenance to keep the wood looking good all the time.

A properly performed pressure washing may be all that is needed to restore wood decks to a like new appearance.Decking cleaning is an affordable low cost cleaning strategy and after pressure washing decks thoroughly, sealers and stains will perform much better whilst making your deck look like new, enhancing the natural aspect of the wood and creating a barrier to UV light penetration.

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