Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning


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How often should you have your guttering cleaned?

THLCO Cleaning Services recommend you clean your gutters once per year. The aim of this is to eliminate the chance of water penetrating your home from gutters that have a high volume of debris inside them. What potentially was a low cost gutter clean could become a much more serious maintenance task with a number of tradesmen required to fix the problem.

THLCO clean your gutters using an industrial vacuum connected to a pole that can reach heights of 40 foot. This allows us to reach hard to reach places i.e. above orangeries and conservatories without the need to scaffolding or cherry pickers. Also at our disposal is a 360-degree camera, which allows us to view and survey your whole guttering system.

Using this type of professional cleaning equipment allows THLCO to comply with Health and Safety regulations and remove risk from this type of service. By using this system and not water jets, the job is a lot cleaner finish as debris is sucked up by the industrial vacuum and not blasted around the surrounding area by tools such as traditional water jets.

We do not use any chemicals to carry out this cleaning service, so there is no impact whatsoever to the flora or fauna that may be located at your property. This complies with current EU legislation.

THLCO offer a range of different cleaning services and should you wish to take advantage of another service please mention this to us as this will be reflected in the price quoted, which will be significantly lower.

The other services we offer

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