Gutter Cleaning Spennymoor

Gutter Cleaning Spennymoor


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Professional Guttering Cleaning Spennymoor Durham and surrounding areas

THLCO Guttering Cleaning Service provide a specialist gutter checking and clearance service in Spennymoor and surrounding areas. We offer extremely competitive prices whilst maintaining a first class service.

Clear gutters are a very important part of property maintenance to ensure your property is both internally/externally looked after.

Blocked guttering/ down pipes will allow rainwater to penetrate into the external brickwork and soffit/fascia and over time internal walls will sustain damp damage to the internal plaster work, along with musty smells in the affected property areas.

If this is allowed to occur over an extended period the penetrating moisture in the walls will cause serious damp issues, which will be expensive to rectify.

Gutters need to be checked and cleaned on a regular basis, so that rainwater is diverted correctly.

This preventative measure will save you the cost of expensive remedial work.

Leaves, soil, moss and other debris left from birds nests are extremely hard to view from the ground.

Blocked gutters are sometimes only noticed in very heavy rain.

Many property owners are cautious about cleaning their gutters using ladders due to health and safety risks associated with using ladders. Many property owners do not possess the equipment required to unblock downpipes.

THLCO can solve problem for you by undertaking a complete gutter check and cleaning service on your behalf. This will give you peace of mind that your guttering is functioning properly; protecting your home from damage and ensuring your building insurance is properly covering you.

Why not have THLCO do your gutter cleaning for you?

All your gutters will be cleaned.

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Only the best industry leading equipment is used to guarantee you the best results.

THLCO holds - 5 Million Pounds Public Liability Insurance Cover.

No hidden extras - Guaranteed!

No payment until all work is completed.