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Professional Window Cleaning Ferryhill Durham and surrounding areas

At THLCO our aim is to provide a professional window clean service that is, friendly and reliable using highly trained staff experienced in the use of professional cleaning equipment.

We always offer our customers a first class service.

With the new regulations that came into force which impacted the way all working at height, would be carried out, THLCO uses the safest possible cleaning method known as – water fed pole.

With the change of health and safety regulations, this method cleaning has become the method of choice for the majority of residential and commercial window cleaners working within the industry.

The majority of window cleaning in County Durham can now be done without the need to work at height by using this method. In most instances using poles is faster than using ladders, giving improved results as included in the prices are glass/frames/sills. Another important feature of this type of method is that greater heights can be reached, than what could be reached with ladders.

THLCO uses telescopic cleaning poles, which means they can be extended to reach and clean up to 40ft above ground level.

THLCO cleans using an electric pump with purified de-ionised water, that is connected to a specialised cleaning brush. Water is pushed through the window cleaning pole at pressure to ensure a good flow rate and give you crystal clear clean windows.

The soft filament brush attached to the water fed window pole are used to remove stubborn stains whilst ensuring that the glass and frames aren’t damaged or scratched.

Your tap water is full of chemicals and minerals and when used to clean, will leave streaks and white deposits on the glass.

The water used by THLCO is filtered through a de-ionisation process, which leaves the water pure, having all minerals extracted from it.

Purified water actively absorbs all dirt, chemicals and minerals giving the glass a spot free finish.

The advantages of this method -

  • Fully complies with health & safety laws/regulations
  • Capable of reaching heights of up to 40ft
  • No need for ladders
  • Glass/frames/sills all cleaned
  • Your privacy is not interrupted
  • Spotless finish
  • Environmentally friendly, chemicals are not used so no damage to flora/fauna

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Please note -

We do not offer a one off window cleaning service

We do not offer a builder clean up window cleaning service

If tradesmen have carried out work at your property and left cement/ other building materials on the windows they will need to return & remove the products from the window