Summer 2018 is here, time to get organised!

Every year from June through till mid September, people realise just how dirty their windows are. The reasons for this could be for any of the following explanations:

  • Days are longer so you notice the windows more
  • People entertain guests more at this time of year outdoors, gardens/patios areas are where guests tend to be entertained.
  • It’s a very busy time of year for estate agents selling property. ‘The photographer is coming this week!’ is common occurrence for people selling property. Lets face it potential buyers spend a lot of time driving past potential properties before they book an appointment to view. A property that is well looked after externally plays a strong role in improving your chance of selling the property.
  • Bugs go crazy at this time of year, often marking insides and outsides of the windows, fascia’s and soffits.

THLCO Ferryhill Durham is here to help you improve all aspects of cleaning the external parts of your property. Driveway/patio cleaning, fascia/soffit cleaning or window cleaning, we are here to help.

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