Dirty – Gutters| Fascia| UPVC | Windows

Dirty – Gutters| Fascia| UPVC | Windows

Dirty Gutter Soffit Fascia Soffit UPVC Durham UK THLCO

Its that time of year again where, gutters are needed to function correctly, i.e allow rain water to flow freely through and drain via the down pipe.

The warm weather of summer 2018 has unfortunately come to an end.

Even though we are in Autumn if your external gutter, fascia, soffit, down pipes, UPVC windows are showing signs of a buildup of algae or dirt then they need to be cleaned.

Why do I need to clean my? – Dirty Gutter fascia soffit UPVC windows.

What forms over time when left dirty on UVPC is what is commonly known as tiger stripes –

Dark, vertical streaks, commonly found on the outsides of gutters, window frames, UVPC doors, are known in the industry as tiger stripes.


(An example of how UPVC is effected by tiger stripes and the permanent stains created when never cleaned)

They are a consequence of the buildup of dirt, grime, algae and pollution on the plastic.

When this substance gets wet, it tends to trickle down the outside of the UVPC and overtime these tiger stripes when left leave a permanent stripe on the UPVC plastic which cannot be removed.

The solution when this happens is to replace all the guttering, soffit, fascia, UVPC windows or doors, whatever has been effected. This is a very expensive cost.

When you compare the cost of UVPC replacement on your property compared with an scheduled annual UVPC plastic clean for your property the cost is very minimal in comparison.

THLCO Ferryhill Durham Cleaning Services operate throughout County Durham UK, servicing residential and commercial properties. We offer a range of exterior cleaning services aimed at tiger stripe prevention to your properties UVPC fittings.

Call THLCO Ferryhill Durham Cleaning Services today to book an appointment. In most instances you will not need to be at home for the site visit to take place. As this is external cleaning for your property, we just need to view the property to be able to provide you with a quote.

Once your property has been viewed you will receive a no obligation quote via smartphone text or email or letter. Should you wish the work to go ahead then all you need to do is respond to the message and THLCO Ferryhill Durham Cleaning Services will schedule an appointment that works well with you.

Please note – We have the capability to bring power to your site with our Honda generator.

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