Your Carpet Cleaner In Spennymoor


THLCO Spennymoor Cleaning Services your carpet cleaner in Spennymoor answer for your carpet cleaning needs. We service Spennymoor and surrounding areas.

The equipment we use to professionally clean your carpets is from the US Company – Prochem. Prochem also manufactures the cleaning detergents, which are the best brand to use with their commercial high-pressure carpet-cleaning machine. After cleaning your carpets they will be thoroughly clean and fresh smelling with all of the dirt extracted from the carpet fibre. The Prochem chemicals we use are gentle to the carpets fibres and cause no damage to the environment.

We have the capability to professionally clean, upholstery, mattresses and vehicle upholstery. Should you have any questions please feel free to CONTACT US. Our number one priority at THLCO Cleaning Services is to provide you with a carpet cleaning service, which gives you the amazing results every time.

THLCO - Your Carpet Cleaner in Spennymoor

How We Clean Your Carpets

At THLCO SPENNYMOOR - Our cleaning technician will start the carpet cleaning process by visiting your property and having a thorough look at the carpet that requires cleaning. Identification of the different fibre type is the first step followed by identifying any stains that have occurred to the carpet. What will also be noted is where soil has built up in large quantities in the carpet, as these areas will require extra cleaning. If the customer can provide information as to what has caused the staining (coffee/tea/red wine), this can really improve the cleaning process.

Our next step is to vacuum the carpet with our Kirby vacuum cleaner. This is the best vacuum for lifting the carpet pile allowing fibres to be agitated so that dirt is easily removed.

The final step is to clean the carpet with our Prochem Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machine (5 times stronger than our competitors machines). This thoroughly cleans the carpet leaving it slightly damp to touch.

THLCO - Your Carpet Cleaner in Spennymoor

When Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned

We advise carpets are cleaned at the very minimum once per year. To prolong the life of the carpet it is recommended they be cleaned before they show signs of soiling. With the build up of soil in the carpet this greatly reduces the lifetime of the carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning on a yearly basis; we recommend this frequency increased, when there is a high volume of people residing at the property. By using a carpet cleaning extraction machine, soil that is not always visible will be removed from the carpet. Taking care of your carpet by having it cleaned, will make your home more hygienic and prolong the life of the carpet.