Carpet Upholstery Cleaning in my area


THLCO Ferryhill Durham Cleaning Services offer a professional carpet cleaning service. We begin by surveying your property and identifying any stains or difficult areas that require removing. We then carefully move all furniture and treat the stains.

We use a range of gentle professional detergents with a commercial high-pressure steam and water machine. Your carpets are then deep cleaned from the base of the fibre to the tips. Your carpets will be fresh, clean with all of the dirt extracted. The chemicals we use are specifically chosen to be gentle to the fibre and are environmentally friendly so no need to worry about children or pets.

At THLCO our reputation is what keeps our business ahead of the game. Our goal is to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with our cleaning service. If in the unlikely event you are not completely happy with the work carried out we will return and correct or refund the work.

THLCO Cleaning Service, can professionally clean, upholstery, mattresses, car seats and other vehicle upholstery. Our staff aim to attend all appointments on time and should there be an issue, which may impact the arrival time, we will always contact you to let you know how long we will be. Personnel will wear shoe covers when entering your property and are fully insured. THLCO Cleaning Services aim to provide a cleaning service, which gives the customer the best results every time.

Carpet Cleaning Steps We Take

The first step we take is for the cleaning technician to survey the carpet, identify stains and areas where there has been high levels of traffic, leaving soil. Ideally the customer will be able to advise what caused the staining. This information will help the technician plan how to pre-treat each area of your carpet to achieve the desired result.

The second step we take is to professionally vacuum your carpet using a Kirby vacuum cleaning which is the best vacuum system on the market for lifting carpet pile. The fibres are brushed/agitated with the vacuums spinning brush, which loosens the dirt for the high-powered vacuum to remove.

THLCO carry a range of Prochem cleaning products and use a range of techniques to deal with the different stains found in carpets. Individual stains are treated prior to a pre-spray is applied to the whole carpet. The pre-spray helps to remove the built up dirt from within the carpet fibres.

The carpet is then rinsed with the latest Prochem Extraction cleaning machine (up to 5 times stronger than our competitors machines), using an industry leading Prochem cleaning detergent. The use of high the pressure water jet, backed up with powerful vacuum leaves your carpet thoroughly washed and only slightly damp to touch.





How Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned

We are often asked how often should carpets be cleaned? This is probably not something you have given a great deal of thought to. There are basically three key areas to think about if your aim is to keep your carpet looking, its best for as long as possible and to get maximum life. Ideally you want to clean your carpet before it starts to show the signs of soiling.

As time passes, soil will build up in the fibre, this will impact the fibres causing it to break down earlier than expected. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning on an annual basis. By using a professional extraction machine the soil that is not always visible to the eye will be removed from the fibres. If you take good care of your carpet by having it cleaned it will not only make your home more hygienic but will prolong its life but also keep it looking better.

Considerations with regards to the cleaning include – do your carpets have a warranty which states that they need to be cleaned on an annual basis. If they don’t have a warranty then the choice to clean them is completely up to you.

Another consideration to take into account is how much traffic your carpet gets. As a rule of thumb, the larger the family size walking through the house, increases the frequency the carpets will require cleaning. A home where there is only a couple of people residing at the property, may only need to be cleaned every two years if they're looked after. We recommend in homes where there are children, the carpets are cleaned every 9-12 months.

Another factor regarding the frequency of cleaning the carpets in your home is where there are pets. Where indoor pets reside at a property we recommend a professional clean every six to twelve months. This is due to pets shedding fur and dander on on the fibres. We can offer you a carpet-cleaning schedule, where your carpets are cleaned every six months. If your carpets are starting to look soiled then its probably time to have a professional clean.